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Meet the Coaches


Dustin Dipuma

Dustin is a professional MMA fighter and BJJ competitor with multiple awards and gold medals including submission of the night, Dustin has been training for over 15 years in martial arts with a blackbelt in Japanese jiu jitsu and a Black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu

Roque Martinez

Roque is one of the Kids Kickboxing instructors and a purple belt in BJJ, here at Primal Martial Arts. Roque has been training with Primal since the day the gym opened. He has competed in numerous compititions placing gold in several.


Kaleb Harris

Kaleb is a professional MMA and Bareknuckle fighter with awards such as knockout of the year, and fight of the night. he has trained for over 20 years in martial arts with a blackbelt in japanese jiu jitsu and a purple belt in brazillian jiu jitsu.


Larry Ingle

Larry has spent nearly 50 years in 

martial arts. he owns a blackbelt in

shotokan karate, japanese jiu jitsu 

and judo, he also is a certified Muay Thai

instructor. he was a pro kickboxer from

the 1979-1987 with a record of 17-6-1

he has also coached many champions in

his years of coaching.

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